Waxing services

Brow wax and shape- $16 


Chin- $12 

Side burns- $30 

Full face- $50 includes brows, lip, chin, and sides of face Under arms- $30 

Back- $6

Chest- starts at $40 

Half leg- starts at $65 

Full leg- starts at $80

Bikini and top leg combo- starts at $65 

Bikini- starts at $40 

Bikini maintenance- $30 4 weeks since last bikini wax

Brazilian- starts at $80 full wax front to back 

Brazilian maintenance- starts at $70 within 4 weeks from last wax

Mens Brazilian- starts at $100 

Buttocks wax- starts at $30 

Add on services 

Brow tint- $30 service that adds semi permanent color to the brows for a  fuller filled in look without the permanent solution of micro blading or tattoos on  the brows, to enhance your natural brows until your next brow wax. Vagacial- added on after bikini or Brazilian $50 New facial treatment for  your private area, helps get rid of your skins impurities, such as ingrown hairs,  smooths bumps from waxing or shaving, helps hyperpigmentation, and soothes and  hydrate the skin after the wax.