Nail services  

All prices include gel polish 

  • Manicure- $40 Trim, file, and shape natural nails, push back and trim  cuticles, hand and forearm massage, and polish nails.  
  • Luxury Manicure- $50 includes everything in basic manicure and add  sugar scrub and paraffin wax, Giving your hands the royal treatment.  Polish change- $30
    • Structured manicure as an add on $10 
    • Acrylic Full set- basic color– $60 
    • Acrylic Fill- basic color– $43 
    • Pink and white full set- $65 
    • Back fill- add white on pink and white-$45 
    • Dip nails- $50 
    • Poly gel- $55 
  • Take off only- $10 
  • Encryptions- $5 per nail 
  • Diamonds- Price varies depending on design and amount of diamonds, full  nail of diamonds start at $5 per nail. 
  • Designs- $5 for 2 nails or starting at $20 for all nails different. Price  varies depending on design and amount of time it takes for the design. 


  • Basic pedicure-$50 remove existing polish, cut, file and shape toe nails, push back and trim cuticles, callus remover and scrub feet, quick massage, and  polish toe nails. 
  • Spa pedicure- $65 everything including basic, add sugar scrub, foot mask,  and longer massage. 
  • Luxury pedicure- $75 everything in basic and spa pedicures, add hot  stone massage and paraffin wax to feet. Give your feet the royal treatment. Toe nail polish change- $35 
  • Full set on toe nails- $60 add a basic pedicure $25 and up depending  on type of pedicure.
  • French tip on toe nails- $10 
  • Design on toe nails- $5 both big toes $10 all toes 
  • Minus $10 for any regular polish service. 
  • Full set fill on toenails- $50 including polish

Kid services 10 and under 

  • Gel polish- $20 
  • Regular polish- $10 
  • Manicure with gel- $30 
  • Manicure with regular polish- $20 
  • Toe polish with gel- $20 
  • Toe polish with regular polish- $15 
  • Pedicure with gel- $40 only basic pedi available for this age. Pedicure with regular polish- $35 
  • Kids designs- $5 for 4 nails or $10 for all nails, Recommend gel polish  and price varies depending on design.  



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